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The Hero’s Journey: Life’s Great Adventure

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Hero's Journey

Since 1997, we have explored the Hero’s Journey and its applications in education, psychology, counseling and daily life. We update our library and blog regularly, so check back often. To see our teaching guides and other products and publications, please visit our SHOP.

Writer and educator Reg Harris has 40 years of experience teaching and using the Hero’s Journey in education, counseling and personal transformation. He has written extensively on the journey and related topics. His 2007 teacher’s guide, The Hero’s Journey: A Guide to Literature and Life, is being used by schools in 42 states and 17 countries.
  • Clouds and Rays 1 - optimized

    An Impulse to Something Greater

    At its essence, the Call signifies death and rebirth, the death of our old self or old life and the rebirth of the new. We tend to think of the Call only as a call…

  • Recognize Journey - optimized

    Recognizing Your Journey

      We don’t really “take” a journey: we “unfold” a journey. Our journeys evolve organically as a dialogue between ourselves and our world. We act and the world responds by giving us feedback, which opens…

  • Finding Bliss - optimized

    Finding your Bliss

    A symbol is “like a mirror swinging out from the mind, able to look back on itself.” In the symbol, we can explore our own mythology. We can step away from our lives for a…

  • Mythos and Logos Cpyrt Opt

    Mythos and Logos

    Mythic thought touches the essence of our experience: the meaning and significance of life. Myth frees us from our current horizon and opens an expanded perspective from which we can build new meaning and direction.…

  • Using Journey - optimized

    Using the Journey in Life

    Zen Buddhists have a saying: “The finger that points at the moon is not the moon.” The same is true for the hero’s journey. The journey is a metaphor that points us to life’s fundamental…