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Fallow deer is guide into Hero's JourneyVisit our Hero's Journey Blog to join the discussion on The Hero's Journey, "Life's Great Adventure." We explore the journey in all its contexts, from teaching to psychology, from mythology to religion, from modern culture to self-discovery. Have a question about teaching the journey? Post it here.

Teacher’s Guide

Teaching the hero's journey? The Hero's Journey: A Guide to Literature and Life is a comprehensive guide for teaching the journey archetype. Used by schools in more than 40 states and 17 countries, the guide offers 10 units and 26 lessons to teach directly from the guide or to use with your current curriculum. 

Hero’s Journey Library

The Hero's Journey Library features articles and essays that explore the hero's journey archetype and related subjects in a broad range of contexts: teaching, literature and film, psychology, self-development, religion, philosophy and more. We invite you to read the articles and join the discussion.