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The Hero’s Journey: Life’s Great Adventure

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Hero's Journey
Since 1997, we have explored the Hero’s Journey and its applications in education, psychology, counseling and daily life. We update our library and blog regularly, so check back often and explore all things Hero’s Journey.

Hero’s Journey Publications

Three Hero's Journey Covers

  • richard-leider-opt-400px

    Richard Leider: Living with a Purpose

    The number one fear was a fear of nullification…that they would go to their graves and no one would notice…They had a deep hunger to have mattered, to have made a difference. ~Richard Leider~ Richard…

  • gilbert-and-winfrey

    Fear and Threshold Resistance

    In this 2014 interview with Oprah Winfrey, author Elizabeth Gilbert offers interesting insights into threshold resistance and the Hero’s Journey. Especially interesting are her views on fear and the journey. Every problem begins with fear…

  • Hero's Journey - Douai Path - Blog Image 1a

    Liberating Your Journey

    Hakomi therapy gives us valuable insights into the healing power of the Hero’s Journey and offers a practical approach to removing blocks from our lives. Hakomi Therapy: The Healing Journey I was working on my…

  • Hero's Journey - Fallow Deer

    The Hero’s Journey 2015

    Story shapes our lives and our worlds, and the Hero’s Journey is at the heart of story. It is both the process through which we build our stories and the form of the stories themselves.…

  • Clouds and Rays 1 - optimized

    An Impulse to Something Greater

    At its essence, the Call signifies death and rebirth, the death of our old self or old life and the rebirth of the new. We tend to think of the Call only as a call…